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Tier 9 Compendium

posted 2009/11/19 at 4:58 AM by ArgentSun

Icecrown Raid Access Progression Revealed!

posted 2009/11/18 at 1:24 PM by Togikagi

Icecrown Raid Difficulty Functionality

posted 2009/11/04 at 12:21 PM by fewyn

3.3 PTR Patch Notes Updated! New LFD/LFR Details!

posted 2009/10/27 at 8:25 PM by Miyari

[Spoilers] Shadowmourne

posted 2009/10/20 at 3:34 PM by Corgan

New Dungeon/Raid Maps on the PTR!

posted 2009/10/17 at 3:49 PM by Miyari

Forge of Souls Impressions

posted 2009/10/13 at 4:24 PM by ArgentSun

Tier 10 Armor Preview!

posted 2009/10/08 at 2:07 AM by Malgayne

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